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Why am I talking about the number 4?

When it comes to storing your breast milk this is an important number to remember.

4 hours without refrigeration

4 days in the fridge

4 months in the freezer

These are so many websites with so many different answers but if you just remember the NUMBER 4 you will be fine. There is so much to remember as a new mom so remembering the number 4 should be easy!!!

Here are a few more tips:

1. Store milk in 2-3 oz portions

2. Store milk in plastic breastfeeding storage bags (bottles take up too much room in the freezer

3. Let small amounts of milk come to the same temperature before combining them.

4. Remove milk from freezer and let defrost in fridge.

5. You can warm milk up by bag in glass of warm water.

6. Once you defrost-do not refreeze.

7. Once defrosted-use within 24 hours


9. Milk may separate during freezing-swirl gently before feeding.

10. Once fed to baby do not re-feed after 1 hour. So, start with small amounts so you don't waste your precious milk.

If you have any questions or would like to make a lactation appointment please email me at

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