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About Susanna

1. lactation issues (breastfeeding positioning and latching)

2.  pump set up and instruction

3.  pain management if necessary

4.  difficulty with lactation due to physical, developmental or sensory issues in infancy. 

5. return to work management

6.  weaning

7. prenatal lactation

8. transitioning from breast/bottle to solids

9. evaluation and treatment of "picky eaters"

10. increasing food repertoires

Susanna's Story

Susanna has been an occupational therapist for over 20 years.  She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational therapy in 1993.  She is also a  certified lactation consultant  (IBCLC). She was trained as a IBCLC through the UC San Diego lactation program. 
Susanna lives in Newport Beach, CA with her 2 teenage daughters, husband and dog.  She works with you and your baby or child in your home. 

My Philosophy

     I am a parent of two beautiful teenage girls.  I breastfed both of them for approximately one year.  

     I believe that breastfeeding is a gift to both mother and child and I became a lactation consultant to help women reach their breastfeeding goals and encourage proper nutrition from the beginning.

    I believe that most infants can breastfeed.

    I believe that most mothers can breastfeed when given the rights tools, information and guidance.

    I believe it is important to consider family values and family norms when working with families around eating issues.  

    I believe that it is important to meet both the mother's needs and the baby's needs during this stage of life and it is feasible to use both a bottle and breastfeed if this is important and/or necessary for the parents.

     I believe that all children are trying to please their parents and that they are not being difficult with their food choices on purpose.

    I believe that food "issues" usually stem from weak sensory or physical systems or both.


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