Momma and baby nursing

Breastfeeding is a skill. With the proper instruction and proper tools most babies can learn to be successful. If you are having difficulties or are in pain then it is important that you seek help.  Every mother is different and every baby is different and it is necessary to remember this when you set out to breastfeed your baby.  Do not feel discouraged.  Breastfeeding can be hard initially.  Please feel free to contact me and we can work together to make this a positive experience for you and your new baby.

Meet Susanna
Susanna has been an occupational therapist for the past twenty years.  In addition to being an occupational therapist she is an International Board Certified Lactation Specialist.  
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Occupational therapy helps individuals become independent in their daily life activities. One of the daily life activities that children often find challenging is eating.   An occupational therapist can assist in this area.  Occupational therapists are holistic and look at the big pictures.  Whether your child has physical or a sensory limitation, an occupational therapist can help.     They may not tolerate different textures, they may refuse certain foods and they may have difficulty chewing and swallowing.  As an occupational therapist I can help your child learn healthy eating behaviors and encourage a good relationship with food and ensure mealtime success. 

Susanna Wolfe, OTR IBCLC

Baby reaching during breastfeeding