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Why Should YOU Breastfeed?

THINKING ABOUT BREASTFEEDING? Call or email Susanna for a pre-natal breastfeeding evaluation and information session.

Top 25 reasons why breastfeeding is better than formula for you, your baby and the environment

1. It is CHEAPER!. An estimate of formula required for one year is approximately 1200 dollars for the basic formula ( and that doesn't include the costs associated with bottles, bottle cleaners, nipples and bottle warmers.

2. It is quicker. Breast milk is readily available and is always at the right temperature. You don't have to make any bottles or warm anything up.

3. It is portable and doesn't require any additions supplies. You won't forget anything on your way out the door.

4. Breastfeeding helps pass meconium (the first black, tarry poop).

5. Breastfeeding helps Mom loose weight. It takes approximately an additional 500 calories a day to exclusively breastfeed. ( .

6. The American Academy of Pediatrics says you should (for at least 6 months) (

7. So does the WHO (World Health Organization)


8. Decreases ear infections-Babies with ear infections are NOT fun!


9. Helps babies sensitive little tummies. Decreases diarrhea and constipation.


10. Decreases SIDS (

Remember place your baby on his back to sleep without any blankets or pillows!!!

11. Breast milk fights many infections. Baby gets specific antibodies from Mom to fight off diseases and infections in his/her environment.

12. Less packaging. Less to throw away. Breastmilk comes in its own cute packaging! Better for environment.

13. Since it is readily available, there are no additional costs to transport it. Unlike formula that you have to drive to get or have delivered there are no gas costs. (

14. Reduces breast cancer in Moms. (

15 Reduces ovarian cancer in Moms (

16. Helps the uterus to contract back down to pre-pregnancy size.

17. Reduces baby's risk of developing Type 1 and 2 diabetes. (

18. Reduces baby's risk developing Crohns and celiac disease (

19. Helps baby and mother bond. (

20. Breast milk is formulated exactly for the baby. It contains the disease fighting material needed for the specific baby and provides the appropriate calories necessary for the baby at any age.

21. Breastfed babies are SMARTER! (

22. Breastfed babies have less tooth decay. (

23. Helps prevent obesity (

24. Helps decrease allergies. (

25. Helps decrease asthma (

There are many more reasons to breastfeed. Can you think of anymore to add to this list?

However, it must work for both the mom and the baby and if you are having trouble and want to breastfeed please do not hesitate to call me.

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